Whitebox + VC master = clear calculation reports

Whitebox adds a new calculation software to its portfolio and is now also a distributor for VC master in Belgium. This software helps engineers with day to day calculations and creating clear calculation reports according to the Eurocodes and the NA’s.

VCmaster has been especially developed for engineers. Owing to the clearly laid out user guide, both calculations, as well as explanatory texts, can be quickly and simply created in a single program. The input of mathematical formulae is implemented in natural notation directly into the document. Universal interfaces guarantee data transfer. The outputs of all programs can be accepted.

Everyday tasks, such as documentation, calculation, compilation and the reuse of technical data and calculations are tackled with the integral concept. 
Benefits in Brief:
Automation of recurring tasks and calculations
Simplification of modifications
Search for and reuse solutions that have already been thought through
Digital transfer of Information in uniform documents
Hundreds of ready-made calculation sheets
Time saving of 30% or more

With VCmaster, engineers have a unique software solution which generates complete uniform technical documents without restrictions. 

For more info have a look at http://www.vcmaster.com/nl/Start/VCmaster.html or contact us at info@whiteboxsoft.com

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