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Whitebox introduces new engineering software in the Benelux

Is your current engineering software not helping you like it should?

Did you know new products have been already adopted by your competitors in the Benelux market? These new products are based on the newest technologies that will help you with a fast implementation and fast calculations. Would you like to see a comparison with your current CAE software and other existing solutions? Whitebox can help you with it! Whitebox provides you one single point of contact for a set of superb engineering software. An average Whitebox client saves about 40% on costs of software and maintenance on the long term. We will give you all the pro’s and the con’s of your current way of working.

Contact us at Feel free to learn more about us and have a look at Whitebox’ company website:

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Clear CAE Solutions for the AEC market


Whitebox distributes, develops and supports clear design software solutions for architects, engineers and construction professionals (AEC market). Whitebox helps the customer in selecting the best solution and supports the customer during his work.

About Whitebox

Opposite from a blackbox a whitebox clearly shows what is happening inside. This is the foundation of the company and the customer will feel and experience this in every fiber of the company.

The main idea is that everything in the relationship with customers and partners is open and clear. From the first contact to the software products offered to the customer. These are also developed and supported in this philosophy: clear and understandable for the user.

Whitebox offers 10 years of experience in the Architectural Engineering and Construction (AEC) market and in Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) software. It has a solid network of partners acrossEurope.

More info:

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