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Fast, clear and easy to understand calculation reports in IDEA StatiCa

One of the most important task an engineer needs to do is making a calculation report to explain his calculations to the end customer.

In many calulation software this is not an easy task to do. IDEA StatiCa offers an easy to use, clear and fast environment to produce such document.

A nice feature is that all the used formulas are shown so for the reader it is directly clear how the structure is calculated:

Steel Connection Anchor formula

IDEA Steel report anchor

Another nice feature is that the user can “copy/paste” all values into a spreadsheet if wanted.

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Dlubal for EC5 timber design

Dlubal is a great tool for modelling and designing timber structures according to the Eurocode 5.

Hereby some reference examples.

Webinar about Dlubal software for timber

More info on Dlubal Software RFEM, RSTAB and RX-TIMBER can be found here:

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Clear CAE Solutions for the AEC market


Whitebox distributes, develops and supports clear design software solutions for architects, engineers and construction professionals (AEC market). Whitebox helps the customer in selecting the best solution and supports the customer during his work.

About Whitebox

Opposite from a blackbox a whitebox clearly shows what is happening inside. This is the foundation of the company and the customer will feel and experience this in every fiber of the company.

The main idea is that everything in the relationship with customers and partners is open and clear. From the first contact to the software products offered to the customer. These are also developed and supported in this philosophy: clear and understandable for the user.

Whitebox offers 10 years of experience in the Architectural Engineering and Construction (AEC) market and in Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) software. It has a solid network of partners acrossEurope.

More info:

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