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IDEA StatiCa 2020 infodag Genk (BE)

Op 5 maart hielden we onze IDEA StatiCa 2020 infodag in onze loft in Genk (BE).


Meer dan 50 deelnemers luisterden naar onze presentaties over IDEA StatiCa Concrete en Steel.


Ook onze klant Besix deed een presentatie over hoe zij IDEA StatiCa gebruiken in hun organisatie.


Als partner hebben we VIKTOR uitgenodigd dit jaar. Stijn Jansen legde onze IDEA klanten uit hoe zij met VIKTOR hun verschillende rekentools met elkaar kunnen laten “praten”.


Bekijk alle foto’s van dit event op de facebook pagina van IDEA StatiCa via deze link.

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IDEA StatiCa Steel – Case study

IDEA StatiCa Connection helped to create a new series of electricity tower masts in the Czech Republic. Thousands of them will be built with optimal use of steel.

Electricity transmission system in the Czech Republic is operated by company CEPS. It builds the infrastructure and balances the supply of electricity with demand on a minute-by-minute basis. It develops the whole network through new projects and also cooperates with other transmission system operators throughout Europe and contributes to the development of the wider electricity market.
CEPS engineering unit CEPS Invest started working on a new series of electricity tower masts. Their initial design was put on the paper and engineers started to look into joint topologies – their safety and compliance with construction code.

Electrical Tower Esa Prima Win Cz

BIM model Upper part of Electrical Tower used to link with IDEA software

It soon became clear that such an effective design requires a specific joint topology. IDEA StatiCa Connection was able to solve most of them right away. The rest was examined by IDEA development team and served as an inspiration for further development. Changes were implemented in weeks and IDEA StatiCa Connection was able to solve 100% of the joints CEPS Invest needed to continue with its projects.

Some of the joints calculated in IDEA StatiCa Connection:

Electrical Tower IDEA Connect Cz

Steelconnection design in IDEA Connect software


Tower masts will de deployed across the whole Czech Republic in 2016 and following years.

Head of CEPS Invest engineering department, Mr. Cenek Laub:
“Maintaining and developing electricity network of this size is full of challenging task. With IDEA StatiCa Connection, joint design got much easier and faster for us.”

About CEPS:

About IDEA StatiCa Steel: 

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